About Bec's Fruit & Veg

I started Bec's Fruit & Veg in 2020. With four kids, I had always bought my fresh fruit and veg at the market for my family and friends. Then LOCKDOWN happened and they refused members of the public into the market, businesses only!

Convinced I wasn't going to use high priced fruit and veg sitting around for days in a supermarket I got my ABN and started Bec’s Fruit & Veg.

When I first started out, it was just me going to the markets, packing orders and delivering them. I'm still the one who goes to the markets at 3am (I don't sleep well anyway!), but now I'm lucky enough to have a small team of support workers, almost all are people with disabilities. As a mum of kids with special needs this is important to me. 

We also support our local community-run foodbank, which mainly helps refugees who are not allowed to work or receive financial assistance, as well as other people in need.

Most of our customers are local families who want to support a small business and no longer want to shop in the big supermarkets. They prefer to get something fresh, as I buy from the market in the morning and they receive it that afternoon, so it is not sitting around at all.

Our values at Bec's Fruit & Veg


Affordable family fruits and vegetables, fresh, and delivered same day from the markets.


Our product and delivery packaging are using environmental friendly material, to eliminate plastic packaging. We use reusable cardboard boxes to reduce landfill.

Community Focused

Committed to donating to local families doing it tough as well as a refugee food bank after each market run.

Supporting Farmers

Supporting farmers, we source fruit and vegetables from Flemington markets, biggest markets in the southern hemisphere. Our aim is to support local farmers by buying directly from them.


We are supporting workers with disabilities in gaining employment and confidence in themselves. ❤️

Local Small Business

We are a family owned business, so every box is delivered, from our family to yours.