Add-on 1 x  $20 Refugee Foodbank Donation

Add-on 1 x $20 Refugee Foodbank Donation

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The local foodbank is run by volunteers who serve over 150 families per fortnight groceries and a fresh food bag each. Mostly refugees who are not allowed to receive any benefits nor are they allowed to work. There are also many other families who come also within the local community.

Bec's fruit and veg provides almost all of the fresh fruit and veg for these families and we appreciate any support. We buy wholesale cost bulk items at discount and are able to buy large quantities for the foodbank.

Typical donations: 100 kg sweet potato, white potato, 60 kg onions, 100 KG of oranges or another type of fruits, as well as other in season items when available and if funding allows. Such as boxes of bananas, apples, broccoli, zucchini Etc. Often this is the only fresh food these families can eat during the fortnight.