Medium Box Max 2 swaps

Medium Box Max 2 swaps

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Mixed Seasonal Fruit and Veg Box that's perfect for families of 4

This is an example of what COULD be in your box. Seasonal availability fluctuates hugely from week to week so please mention 2 things you don't eat in the notes box when ordering. 

1kg  bananas

1kg Red Apples   (Autumn/ Winter)

500g Mandarins   (Autumn/ Winter)

1Kg Oranges   (Autumn/ Winter) 

2 Pears   (Autumn/ Winter)

2 Green apples   (Autumn/ Winter)

1 Pineapple/Rockmelon/Watermelon/Grapes/ Strawberry

Summer Fruits

1kg Washed Potato

1 Butternut Pumpkin/Jap Pumpkin

1kg Bag Carrots

500g sweet Potato

1 Knob Garlic

2-3 Onions

1 Lettuce (cos, iceberg or baby spinach please note preference)

1 Broccoli

1-2 Zucchini

1-2 Capsicum 

1-2 Corn  (if available)

1/2  Cauliflower

 2-4 Cucumbers (if available)

4-6 Tomatoes (if available)

Herbs (Parsley/Coriander/ Shallots)

1 Silverbeet/Celery/ Baby Bok choy/Cabbage/ Wombok/ Eggplant

1 Avocado (if available)

 1 200g bag Mushrooms/Beans/Brussel Sprouts/ 


This box may have a maximum of 2 swaps.

E.G. No zucchini and Bok Choy. Extra apples and bananas.

We will do our best to provide swaps based on seasonal availability.